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Areas of Practice




Areas of Practice

real estate

Joe has focused the core of his practice on real estate-related problems. This runs the gamut from trial to transactional work. Joe is experienced in litigating real estate disputes including matters involving title, boundary, adverse possession, easements, condemnation, eviction, equity stripping, specific performance, mortgage validity and priority, mechanic’s liens and regulatory matters. Joe’s negotiation and persuasion skills are deployed when mediating or appearing before a government entity on matters such as land use, planning and zoning, permitting, variances, CUPs and other administrative processes. Joe also develops creative transactional solutions to his client’s real estate needs and is experienced in negotiating and drafting agreements and acting in a consulting or special administrative capacity. 

Financial & Fiduciary

Lawder Law is honored to serve the financial and fiduciary industry. This commitment arises out of the many loyal relationships Joe has developed with banks and trust companies and their key employees. Joe works closely with each professional who entrusts their work to him in recovering or protecting assets for which they are responsible. Joe is sensitive to the important duties lenders and fiduciaries have to others and their own company. Balancing these responsibilities is to be expected, but the efficiency and innovation with which they are safeguarded and business objectives are promoted sets Lawder Law apart.


Lawyers experienced in efficiently handling litigation are a dying breed. Joe gained trial experience in the trenches of government and insurance defense practice. From deposing death row inmates, to cross-examining technical aviation experts, Joe honed his trial skills while many lawyers of his tenure were writing memos and reviewing document productions. Joe is keenly attuned to the economics of litigation and developing a strategy to cut through the discovery morass and surgically extract legal issues. But if a matter requires deep analysis and heavy firepower, Joe has the patience, strength of writing and persuasive skill to develop arguments and briefs of the highest quality. Joe's ability to see the big picture and blend common sense with vision generates valuable solutions in commercial, tort and general civil litigation.